Vint Cerf helps Google reduce evil

In an interview with CNET, the internet pioneer evangelized sensible ideas about public policy for the internet.
Cerf told CNET that he finds it ””troublesome” that various states and localities have been proposing and implementing measures to outlaw municipally sponsored broadband networks. “Why on Earth would we inhibit people from making their own investments–deciding, for example, to float a bond?”‘.
Cerf has also been out talking to Hollywood, encouraging them to ‘view the Internet as an alternative distribution outlet. “Some are responding positively, but some legal departments are still having trouble swallowing the idea.”‘
Hopefully Cerf’s well-respected presense and active evangelism will help Google throw its weight behind good tech policy and counteract the force of the telecom and content oligopolies. The tech business strategy mantra is “commoditize your complements.” Google benefits when there are fatter pipes available to more people, and more content available for indexing and related ads. The world will get better when the innovative business that see the fortunes to gain pry off the stranglehold of stagnant businesses who only see what they have to lose.

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