Will the American people buy the explanation of secret spying?

After Congress returned from recess to vote for the Terry Schiavo bill, I followed the news obsessively, looking for signs about whether the American people would embrace the creepy, intrusive conservative nanny state trend. Thankfully they didn’t; the Schiavo law was the beginning of the Bush administration’s loss of mainstream, independent American voters.
The NSA wiretapping story feels to me like a similar moment. Will the American people buy the John Yoo theory that anything the president does with a national security justification is by definition legal? Or will they agree with Russ Feingold that “The President does not get to pick and choose which laws he wants to follow. He is a president, not a king.”
* this reading of FISA indicates that the surveillance should have required FISA warrants.
* comments here raise questions about whether the surveillance should have been covered
* more facts are needed. This needs to be investigated immediately.
* the “Bush Doctrine” that the president can use national security justification to disregard the law was and is unamerican

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