Hello from Google Wifi

It’s geek tourism day — just cycled to downtown Mountain View to check out the Google wifi service. It’s linked up to your google account — when I fired up firefox, I got this message: “Welcome to Google WiFi. Welcome back, Adina. Before using Google WiFi, we need to know a little more about you. Please enter the additional information below.” — but clicking though just took me to a portal page with some info about downtown Mountain View. There wasn’t signal a few blocks away, when I missed the Moffett/Castro turnoff, crossed the highway, and realized I wasn’t quite in the right place. So I took out the handy paper bike map and turned around.
p.s. just looked up directions to another store on Google Maps. Thank goodness it doesn’t say “you are here”.
p.p.s. sitting on the plaza benches catty corner from the starbucks by 650 Castro. There are flowering trees planted in a trough below sidewalk level, and there are working power outlets in the well by each tree. Wifi is fine.

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