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So, I’m participating in several trackback metablogs, and will probably help make some more.
Would love to be able to have a bookmarklet menu of trackback URLs to select from and paste into my MT blog entry screen.
The problem is, this crosses sites (the trackback URL, and my blog), so it violates a Javascript principle. Can anyone think of a way to hack this?

5 thoughts on “Trackback Menu”

  1. Sure, just drag the script to your IE link bar. It runs in it’s own context and can, generally, see whatever’s being presented on anything inside the browser. Or are you asking something else?

  2. I agree, Seb, I’d just associate a category with each ping URL and add that category to relevant posts. That lets you ping multiple URLs with one post, as well.

  3. I thought MT users could just associate TrackBack URLs with particular categories and then just select the category to ping the appropriate points?

  4. I’m thinking more and more of moving over to MT. Feel I’m missing out on the TrackBack fun.

  5. Ah, but the problem is that I want to keep a list of trackback URLs, and choose which one to ping for a given post.
    A bookmark is just a single URL.

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