Tax night

I made a last-minute decision to contribute to an IRA last night. At 7pm, I headed out for the first time to Austin’s main post office. It’s in a suburban office park off 290 on CrossPark Drive. Three or four postal employees stood in the grassy median strip of the office park drive near a few industrial size postal bins, in the balmy, still-light daylight savings pre-sunset, and took envelopes as cars made a slow u-turn around the median strip.
No traffic, no parking, no lines. Wonder if it was that mellow at a quarter to midnight?

2 thoughts on “Tax night”

  1. I rode my motorcycle from South Austin to the same post office at around that time. I was surprised by the relatively light traffic. It wasn’t even all that crowded inside. The event was nicely done by the postal service.

  2. I remember doing the run to the downtown PO in Houston at close to midnight one April 15th. Streets were jammed for blocks in every direction, with hordes of police directing traffic, but there was sort of a carnival atmosphere about the whole thing. It was one of those events you sometimes have in the big city where the usual social boundaries are gone. Society matrons from River Oaks and families in beaters from somewhere around the Ship Channel, all were there to kneel in supplication to the gods of the IRS.

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