Why be wary of philosemitism

The Washington Post writes about a trend among Evangelical protestants to be fans of Jews. The article explains that some Jews are uncomfortable with the trend, but the balance of the explanation is wrong.
One source is concerned that philosemitism that is motivated by the role of the Jews in bringing the Second Coming is actually a form of long-range antisemitism, since the Jews will convert to Christianity in the end times. An academic is concerned that making Jews the center of attention is another form of unhealthy obsession.
Abe Foxman gets it right, I think, when he expresses concerns that the fundamentalist Christians who love Jews also have an unashamed agenda to make the US into an overtly Christian nation. US law would be based on the bible, politicians elected based on religious beliefs, and Christianity promoted in public schools. Some Jews agree with these positions, believing that a so-called JudeoChristian state would be better than the secular state we have now.
There are centuries of historical evidence showing various ways that theocracies persecute minority religions. Most Jews in the US, I suspect, feel safer in a secular state designed to be tolerant of the private practice of any or no religion than in a theocracy.
Personally, I think it’s encouraging and heartwarming that an evangelical seminary is inviting Rabbis as guest lecturers: “We’re looking at rabbinic literature and how we can better understand the Bible through rabbinic eyes.” One of the problems with the judeochristian myth is that the majority culture doesn’t seek to understand how Judaism sees even its shared heritage differently from Christianity. Jews have a different take on the Adam and Eve story, the meaning of religious law, the historical role of the Pharisees, the religious importance of the afterlife, and more. Liking Judaism enough to talk to Jews and understand Judaism is a good thing.
But theocracy is bad for the Jews, and theocrats aren’t good friends.

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