Siderean: but what does it do?

I ran across while preparing for a panel on “tagging 2.0” at sxsw. They sell a faceted classification product used for information retrieval. They did Facetious, a cool mashup which applies facets to delicious tags.
In order to describe their hack as part of my talk on collaborative tagging, I wanted to know how it works. Does the software create the facets? Does the software suggest facets, which are then selected and edited by human administrators? Or do humans create the facets for Siderean to fill in?
I ordered collateral from the website — needed to fill out a form for each piece of collateral, and talk to a salesman first. The collateral didn’t answer my question — it was all benefit/result marketing, with nothing about the software itself. So I emailed the salesguy. He said he could only answer the question if Socialtext was seriously interested in partnering with Siderean.
So I didn’t include Siderean in the presentation. Does anyone have a clue how the software works?

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