Wireless in 02144

In Somerville and Cambridge, the only public wireless I’ve been able to find is the T-Mobile service at Starbucks. If I’m missing some good public wireless, please let me know.
My hosts have WiFi, but there’s a problem with sending outgoing mail. So I can send webmail, or queue mail, and head over to Starbucks.
Austin seems extensively unwired by comparison.
(This is the entry I mean to post in Austinbloggers, not the earlier one)


The Rabbis of the Talmud were troubled by the evil and cruelty they saw in the world. So they tracked down the Evil Inclination, and locked it in a cage. And the world was peaceful for a while.

After a few months, people started to come to the Rabbis with complaints. Hens had stopped laying eggs. No children were being conceived. No new houses were built. No new fields were planted. So the Rabbis opened the cage, blinded the Evil Inclination in one eye, and let it free.