Crosspost weekend hack

I often want to post the same thought to my colleagues at Socialtext on the intranet, to my personal blog, and to the Socialtext public blog. Most of the time, I post to only one place, because of the extra steps. I’ve long wanted a tool that allowed me to crosspost to the intranet wiki, and various blogs. Oddly, there don’t seem to be available cross-posting tools, even though there are plenty of desktop posting tools.
The new Socialtext REST API provided the means, and SuperHappyDevHouse provided the incentive. I hacked a cross-posting tool that posts simultaneously to my personal blog and Socialtext wikis. The tool can post to a Socialtext wiki from a web form on server or desktop. Since it runs from the desktop, it is also the world’s simplest offline wiki editor.
The first version has a hard-coded blog-wiki pair. The next version will allow the user to enter any number of blogs and wikis, and then choose one or more places to post. Also, I’ll see if I can post to Drupal, which would enable cross-posting to the Socialtext public site.
^^^ Borrowings
The tool uses Socialtext::Resting, the client for the alpha REST API and Net::Blogger, a perl wrapper for various blog apis.
^^^ What didn’t work
Posting to a movable type weblog via XML::Atom. I bailed and am using XML-RPC instead, which is happily posting to blog.

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