Blessed Unrest:

I listened to a podcast of Paul Hawken talking on KQED Forum about Blessed Unrest his new book about an emerging, decentralized grassroots movement that combines environmental activism and social justice. Listening to the show, I wonder whether this represents a new trend, selective observation, or some of both. At the same time that local green and social justice groups are springing up around the world, with beliefs and agendas congenial to Hawken’s lefty preferences, there is a flowering of evangelical protestant groups oriented toward biblical literalism, capitalism, and social conservatism. Hawken sees global spiritual networks as something new in the world, but missionary Christianity has a long history. Yes, there is grassroots activism springing up around the world; is it possible that Paul Hawken sees the parts he wants to see? I’ve only heard the radio show and not yet read the book; perhaps the book addresses these concerns.

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