Met at Wiki Wednesday

Jon Udell notes that Facebook’s choices for how you met someone don’t include “through the web.” There’s no way to list someone you met through online community. The other major gap for me is “through a conference or event.” One of the main ways I use services like Facebook or LinkedIn is to remember people that I met at a conference, event, or community group that is less formal than an “organization”.
Frankly, I’m not even sure how useful the overall categories are. It’s handy to know that you met someone at DesignCamp or SuperHappyDevHouse — is it really useful to have an entire grouping for people you met at “unconferences.” And then what about UsualSuspects — people that you see in a variety of contexts around a network? I think I’d rather just free tag “how we met”, and not limit the tags to one per person, and have a lookahead feature to consolidate the tags.

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