Using for OpenID via WordPress plugin

One of the benefits of yesterday’s move to WordPress was a handy plugin to use your blog url as an OpenID server. This lets you use the login info for your blog on a good number of other sites around the web. Highly recommended for fellow earlyish adopters; if you can maintain a WordPress blog you’ll find this easy.

I had used MyOpenID as training wheels. But its method of using your domain as openid server involves DNS settings, and dealing with domain registrars is typically a hellish process. The plugin from Will Norris and Chris Messina lets you provide OpenID login for the blog owner and any other blog authors, in addition to enabling OpenID for blog comments. It was quite easy, for an only modestly geeky definition of easy. Using as the OpenID greatly reduces the microsecond time barrier to using OpenID when busy and multi-tasking.

The MyOpenID feature that it’s missing is a history of the sites you’ve visited. That’s a handy reminder of apps you’ve used, and a good OpenID adoption feature. Thanks, FactoryJoe.

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