Why I’ve been private on Twitter

I just decloaked @alevin for the Socialtext Signals launch, with ambivalence. There are two main reasons I was private. I tweet about trivia sometimes — farmers market visits, workouts, misadventures with car repair. I know that’s supposed to be sympathetic and human and “good for the personal brand” but darn it, I’m an introvert. I feel much more comfortable sharing trivia with people who know me, even a little, and who have chosen to pay attention. And I hate spammers and MLM scum with a passion. I hate to think they get whuffie by following me.

But public tweeting makes it easier to participate in the public conversation, so here goes.

2 thoughts on “Why I’ve been private on Twitter”

  1. 1. I’d argue you get negative whuffie from following. You need followers plus good tweets to compensate for following a lot of people. Else you get a bad rep (== bad whuffie)

    2. Twitter seems pretty good at kicking spammers these days. The spammers I’ve reported have been gone within a day. http://help.twitter.com/forums/23786/entries/18398

    3. I’m enjoying Facebook a lot for all the reasons you are ambivalent about Twitter

  2. Chip, I really like Twitter, for the conversation much more than for the fame. I’m just uneasy about complaining to the big wide world when my car doesn’t start.

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