Welcome to my new blog home. I’m excited to be here, with search, category archives, integrated comments, and the chance to play around with MovableType hackery.
I still need to tweak the categorization of some of the older posts; should be cleared up in the next few days. The book archive is working — click the book category at right and see a list of all the book reviews on the site. (Yay!)
Please let me know what you think; and please update your blogroll or bookmarks if you haven’t already. Comments and suggestions welcome.

11 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Congrats on the new blog in MT with your own domain, Adina.
    How long have you been using Blogger? I’m new to blogging, started 2 months ago, but find the absence of categories and search functionality a major drawback of blogger. So now I’m thinking of moving to a self hosted domain with MT for blogging as well.
    Kind regards,

  2. Ton,
    I started using Blogger in August. From the beginning, I had the intention to move to software that had search and categories.
    Also I’ve been increasing my programming skills, and wanted the chance to play around with the software itself.
    My interests are diverse and I want to provide better support for readers who are interested in some topics and not others!
    If you have questions, feel free to ask. And MovableType has a very good support board, as you may already know.
    – Adina

  3. Good luck on your new blog home. It looks like it’s really well thought out.
    Best of all is your awareness of readers who are interested in some topics and not others. Your interests are so diverse that many readers (i.e. ME) can concentrate on specific topics of interest.
    Again, good-luck,

  4. Mark, thanks.
    With the previous format, I felt pretty bad for folks who had to scan through the stuff they didn’t care about to get to the stuff they did.
    A category archive has definitely been my goal from the beginning.
    Next steps:
    — RSS feeds by category
    — email alerts by category (would require thought and hackery)

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