Halley’s Crush on Alpha Males

Halley Suitt is just gushing about “alpha males” — CEO types who stride into the room, exude charisma, give orders, get babes.
First of all, Halley. Those alpha CEOs are married. If you’ve got the hots for some high-powered, Clintonesque pussy-magnet, be ready to be done and be dumped. If you work in the same field, be ready to be done and be dumped and be fired. Who was the editor at Harvard Business Review who lost her job for doing Jack Welch?
Don’t come running to us when he dumps you, hon.
Second, Ken Lay was an alpha male by your glowing description. John Sidgemore over at Worldcom was an alpha male.
No, the world does not need more egomaniacs barking commands, nevermind laws and ethics and other people’s opinion, lives, and property.

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3 thoughts on “Halley’s Crush on Alpha Males”

  1. I still can’t believe she’s not kidding. It’s too much like a how-to book that a character on a TV sitcom reads and then makes a fool of himself. Is she asserting that only male success rests on being aggressively obnoxious, or should we women also behave like assholes for fun and profit? In high heeled shoes, of course.

  2. I read the “Why alpha males get pussy galore” and didn’t bother going back to the others because it seems like she’s rewriting “The Rules” for men, and as it’s come out “The Rules” could have been better titled: “how to lie and deceive your way into a marriage that will end when he gets bored with games”.
    But recently I asked, of some bizarre Fox reality show, “where in the Marina do they find people that shallow?” In conjunction with her earlier comments on “Girlism”, Halley has firmly catapulted herself into that class of people; shallow and irrelevant.

  3. Which is too bad, because her writing about her dad, and her son, and food, and church, and playfulness, is lively and passionate and vivid.
    It’s just that when she talks about gender roles she reverts to a ’50s sorority girl persona that we thought had gone out of fashion years ago for damn good reasons.
    It’s pretty repellent to see her trying to make 50s gender roles fashionable.

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