Four hours in Austin

Yesterday was Austin Blog day, but presumably Chip hasn’t set this to reject late trackbacks. The topic is “what to do with four free hours in Austin.”
If I had four free hours, and it wasn’t raining, sleeting, or (!) snowing, I’d spend some time on the garden. The front beds need a row of annuals to replace the begonias.
February, I’m told, is Rose Maintenance Month. I need to prune the straggly rosebush in the front bed, and dig up and move a volunteer rosebush from its current location on the gravel walk by the AC compressor to a more hospitable spot.
Also, the walkways and paths need some blowing/clearing, and there are little green thingies that have sprouted, that need to go away. And have to figure out how to dispose of the grass that sprouted in recent weeks between the boards of the deck.
I’m fairly new to landscape responsibility; suggestions welcome.
For folks not in Austin, there’s a very uncharacteristic thin coating of snow on the ground. Probably will be gone by noon.

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