The US public shows signs of sense

According to this CBS/New York Times poll:
“The public overwhelmingly wants to get the United Nations’ weapons inspectors back into Iraq and allied support before taking any military action. Americans also want a congressional vote before acting – and think members of Congress should be asking more questions about the implications of war with Iraq.”
“Americans are concerned about the wider implications of war with Iraq. They believe such a war will result in a long and costly military involvement; they believe it will lead to a wider war in the Middle East with other Arab nations and Israel; and that it could further undermine the U.S. economy.”
Given President Bush’s approval ratings, it’s nice to see that American’s haven’t become completely foolhardy and bloodthirsty; people want our government to think about the consequences of its actions.
Another good sign of this comes from some non-scientific polls from the Wall Street Journal.
The self-selected respondents in Journal audience are typically moderate-to-right-of-center, and are more than willing to have partisan opinions about things like whether the Democrats can replace Toricelli in New Jersey.
But they’re cautious about Iraq, too. As of a few weeks ago, respondents to the Journal poll didn’t think that the administration had made a good enough case about invading Iraq.

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