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Gordon Mohr wants a Wifi Wiki Hifi “Imagine that a cafe has both wireless net access and a net-linked stereo. Just like a Wiki website lets visitors edit its pages, such a sound system would let walk-in visitors mix its audio playlist.”
Gordon brings up a small concern: “The only real impediment here is that if you want to get technical, such dynamic unlicensed music sharing and performance is illegal.”
Yes, but commercial venues already have license terms for recorded music they play for the crowd. It shouldn’t be impossible to work out a deal to extend the terms to digital mix and play.

One thought on “Wifi Wiki Hifi”

  1. It exists, albeit in a limited and pre-digital form. It’s called a jukebox.
    Add a live DJ and it’s a lot less limited and you can even interact wirelessly, although you have to use analog protocols. 🙂

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