Why girls don’t like computer games

Here’s an interesting explanation for why most girls don’t like computer games, backed up by experience and research. And it’s not just that “boys like shooting; girls like shopping.”
Girls tend to find repetitive shoot-em-ups boring. Girls like solving puzzles more than competing, and enjoy reaching goals rather than scoring points.
This explanation sounds plausible and certainly resonates for me.

3 thoughts on “Why girls don’t like computer games”

  1. I think you are kinda dumb.
    Most video games that boys are really into are the puzzle solving achieving ones, Morrowind, KOTOR, KOTOR2, Final Fantasy 1-13, Kingdom Hearts….
    In my experience girls don’t like video games because they aren’t good at them (no coordination), 3 of them have actually told me this. That they find the games neat, but they aren’t coordinated enough to play so they get frustrated and don’t even try anymore.

  2. I looked at your “research” and “experience,” neither has clinical trials. So that means they they are merely hearsay and conjecture. The content of those articles may as well be scribbled on the wall of a bathroom stall. How do I know this? I do research biology for a living, it is my forte to read hard data and give people an accurate represenation of what it represents.
    As long as we are generalizing, to base an entire formulation of the scheme of masculinity and feminity on a whim notion is very female like. Jump to conlusions, why? A vibe? Woman’s intuition? I have seen viturally all the women I have met in my life suck themselves deeper into chaos by thinking that they can know what is right by just feeling it. I know my boyfriend loves me, I can feel it, even though he beats me/kills my self esteem daily. I’m a first time mother, but I know what is best for my children, even if it is scalding them in the tub when they wet their beds.
    Sure men to this too.
    But what do men say then confronted with the mistakes they make? They have no answer, they feign innocence, they run.
    Women on the other hand, come up with some deluded story in their head where they skip from one life occourance to another just filling in reasoning as they go. No logical thought process whatsoever!
    Just watch a night of COPS on court TV! You can see it in action! Or judge judy/peoples court! You can see the differences in sex unfold before your eyes!
    Want proof? Okay, women are more uncoordinated than men, because: The best sharpshooters in the world, are men, as well as the best: hairstylists, clothing designers, swordsmen, professional drivers, artists.
    A woman will never be the best of anything requiring coordination because her breasts screw up her upper body sense of balance.
    Example: both men and women were given the task of cutting a straight line horizontally while standing. Men cut the line straight! Women repeatedly cut downward arcing lines!
    This is a fact! It was a woman hairstylist who actually brought me upon this research!
    Another example: art.
    Men choose real life scenes to portray in most cases. Simply look though the last 6 thousand years of art! Even in the periods of renaissance deco, most of the drawings by men were tangiable. SIMPLY VISIT A MUSEUM!
    Women: Mostly interpretive bullshit.
    Simply visit a museum if you don’t believe me. Make two categories, real and interpretive. Count the paintings.
    The facts are out there, are you really willing to find them? Or are you just going to: piece some theory together? (just like you did on the website?)

  3. dang those people that posted before
    are ignorant
    i bet neither is a woman, and yet
    they want to tell women (who should know)
    what being a woman is all about
    it’s like hiring a rabbit to tell you what
    it’s like to be a magician

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