Esthetics of social software

Jon Lebkowsky and Honoria have an interesting insight about evaluating social software according to esthetic, leading to some reflection about the criteria for an esthetic of social software.
Thinking out loud, here are some criteria to consider…
* ease of groupforming
* intimacy gradient — ability to create spaces on a continuum from public to private
* expressiveness — ability for individuals and groups to express mood and style
* shared memory — the social software equivalent of bookshelves and mantelpiece photos
* attractive front porches — social public areas preceding private spaces
* helpful navigation — clear signage, or meditative exploration
I’m on vacation, so I don’t have Christopher Alexander near to hand; that would bring some good insight.

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    Adina Levin posted a note about the discussions between Honoria and I re. esthetics of social networks and software. Adina notes some criteria. Honoria and I have been looking at three aspects of the subject:social networks that form for esthetic…

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