Simplicity is hard

In the article about the 80/20 rule, Tim Bray explains that simplicity isn’t easy.
In Tim’s words, “the mental machinery involved in the design process naturally tends towards more rather than less.”
The unofficial version of my business card reads “grinch.” I spend a lot of time saying no to all kinds of attractive, bright, shiny jingly ideas. “Too complicated.” “Not the most important thing right now, maybe later.” “What’s the simplest way of doing things that works”? Two parts diplomacy, one part curmudgeon. Not a good way to win popularity contests.
Before Christmas, from a biotech company, “This is much easier to use and manage than $competitive product. I can use this with much more of my team”
Yesterday, from a consultant who helps organizations improve collaboration and manage knowledge… “It’s like $competitiveproduct, but easier to use and cheaper.”

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