Ron Wilson voted out of office

So glad to see that Ron Wilson, the chief Democratic party turncoat in the Texas Redistricting battle, was voted out after 27 years in the Texas legislature. Wilson was outvoted by Alma Allen, a member of the State Board of Education.
Wilson was the arch-villain in the EFF-Austin and ACLU-TX Cyberliberties battle against the SDMCA, the bill sponsored by the Motion Picture Association that gave internet service and content providers broad control over what users can do with their net connection.
When we went to his office to try and talk about the bill, Wilson’s staff sent us directly to the MPAA lobbyists, do not pass go. No, they did not want to hear citizen concerns about the bill, yes you need to talk to the MPAA lobbyist in DC.
At least Wilson was consistent in his ethical stance. He was one of the leaders of an unsuccessful attempt to block an ethics reform bill last session with campaign disclosure and anti-conflict of interest provisions.
So glad voters noticed and sent Wilson home.

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