Decorating a social space

It’s interesting to observe the choices one makes de facto. After a very, very busy couple of months, I took the day to a bit of cleaning and social space decoration.
Here was the sequence of choices.
* de-clutter house (done weekly when not daily)
* add full text RSS feeds to blog
* add link blog to blog
* assemble reading chair ikea chair
* small hack adding social feature to Socialtext intranet
Here are the items that haven’t gotten done yet (awaiting next clear weekend)
* clear yard
* weed gravel driveway
* change apparently permanent track lighting bulbs in closed porch
* fix leaky faucet
Observations about priorities:
* Uncluttered personal space is important, but less important than deadlines and obligations.
* The blog is a social space that gets shared by more people than the living room.
* The living room, blog, and intranet all occupy similar mental space regarding social decoration
* The living room, blog, and intranet are more actively social than the front yard

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