Lightbulbs and focus

Little house-holdy things. Just solved a couple of lightbulb problems.
The reason the light fixture in the guest bath wouldn’t take a new bulb was because the lightbulb had exploded, leaving the metal screw bottom in the socket. Unscrewed it, and put in the new lightbulb.
Three of the 50-watt halogen bulbs in the closed-in front porch unscrewed reasonably easily, using some attention to the angle to unscrew them from the recessed tracklight fixture while standing on a stepladder. The fourth (which was the first one I tried last time), unscrewed with some attention, using the geometry from the first three.

Took about 25 minutes and focused attention. Glad to have that kind of time on weekends again.
Anybody know what kind of coating goes on to these halogen things, and what health problems are caused by little flakes of coating falling off?

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