Janis Karpinski blows whistle

Her career is surely over already, good for her for speaking out.
Karpinski told the BBC that military intelligence came to Abu Graib, took over interrogation, and told soldiers to treat prisoners ‘like dogs,” using methods from Guantanamo. Then she is blamed for the torture that occured on her watch.
The Washington Post has documents showing that General Sanchez, the senior military officer in Iraq, authorized high-pressure interrogation techniques borrowed from Guantanamo.
Looks like there might be enough free press and brave public servants to get the US out of the Gulag business.
Stalin and Saddam Hussein could get away with decades of criminality because they could have disloyal officers and informants shot. Our whistleblowers can show more loyalty to US principles than to their bosses and live.

4 thoughts on “Janis Karpinski blows whistle”

  1. you spelled Abu “Ghraib” wrong moron…..
    “Good for here for speaking out”…? You’re an idiot of the highest magnitude. It’s people like you that are destroying this country from within.
    More worried about the fate of a society of people that has proven over decades that they are incapable of peace in any form. These people wouldn’t have the faintest clue what to do if they didn’t have the daily drama of throwing a few molotav cocktails at policeman, or burning an oil well.
    They are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of our people, and you are more willing to sound off about their loss, which stems from their own drama embracing, war mongering society, than you are about your own country.
    You disgust me you left wing piece of trash.
    and as for our “whistle blowers”…. there’s a huge difference between Karpinski and the “disloyal officers of Hussein and Stalin”…
    I highly recommend either going back to school and cashing in on a new education, or killing yourself. Either would be fine with me.
    the fact that you make this comparison speaks volumes about your intellect..
    get a clue.

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