What’s on the playlist?

Inspired by Nashville and the influences of Nancy Griffith, I’m listening to Loretta Lynn, new and old.
Apparently Nashville’s fragile country diva was modeled after Lynn. The Nashville soundtrack itself is mostly mediocre 70s folk-cheese, except for cameo appearances of Vassar Clements, next up on the playlist, and a few other, lesser known real live bluegrass bands doing background music.
Skimmed another dating service form that asks for favorite romantic music, and what objects are found in one’s bedroom. It is infinitely more fun to surf the music of one’s cultural influences and one’s friends than to script a romantic encounter with an unknown stranger, complete with music, lighting, and stage props. Finding common ground and discovering new ground is joyful; describing a stage set for an anonymous other is chilling.
Years ago, I learned the art of the job interview; how one is supposed to answer when the question is “tell me about yourself”, or “tell my why you left your last job”. The interviewer is looking to find relevant qualities and skills for the job at and, and figure out, in a few unrepresentative minutes, how you’d be to work with.
I’m sure there’s a corresponding art to the dating service profile. I’d be a lot better off if I conceded to the process of marketing, packaging, and product positioning. I really hate turning a process of joyful discovery into a short-answer quiz where there are right and wrong answers.
Vassar Clements Living With the Blues now on, just fabulous.

One thought on “What’s on the playlist?”

  1. Hi, Adina.
    There are two different approaches to this problem. One is screening, filtering in/out according to criteria that make sense to us. Maybe you won’t hire someone with a criminal record but you’d date one. The other is matching, sorting the list according to how well what you want matches what other people offer and how well what you offer meets someone else’s needs.
    There’s software that does both of these, (see WCC’s Elise for a great matching database) used in employment systems, airline/hotel ticketing, and romance services. The harder problem is getting info into the system. The hotness of you, the way you smile, your endearing quirk, your reaction to betrayal; not easily volunteered or encoded.
    Happy Valentine’s Day.
    – phil

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