Which political blogs?

Grits for Breakfast just won a Koufax award for best single-issue lefty blog, for its coverage of criminal justice reform in Texas. Scott Henson’s blog includes original research and insightful coverage of an important issue that is badly undercovered by the mainstream media.
The Koufax awards inspired others to share links of favorite niche blogs.
Meanwhile, Salon picked up the Daou Report, a compilation of thumbnail clips from political blogs, right and left. Skimming the Daou Report, I get a headache from the snippets of insults — “The Petulant Left”, “wingnuts plan to keep women scared”, back and forth like 4th grade recess.
Complaints about the dreck in the blogosphere are missing the point. There’s infinite space — anyone can choose to read good sources like Scott, easily find other good sources, and ignore the spitball fights.

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