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In which David Frum objects to gay marriage because it somehow abolishes

the idea that husbands and wives each have special duties to one another, and that a husband’s duties to his wife – while equally binding and equally supreme – are not the same as a wife’s duties to her husband.”

Frum’s statement is illogical because the “duties” that he is talking about — whatever they are — aren’t anywhere near the law. I am curious, and at the same me, very leery to know what he means by these things that he doesn’t mention out loud. Is it:
* a husband’s obligation under Jewish law to satisfy a wife sexually (true)
* a wife’s duty to have dinner ready and the table set by 7pm?
* a wife’s duty to submit humbly to corporal punishment?
I am not looking to the day when these duties are spelled out and somebody tries to put them into civil law.

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