2 thoughts on “Activist technology and tactics”

  1. Tools for basic net activism, with broad applications for even non-politcal non-profit work

    BookBlog has a series of posts on political activism and social software tools like blogs/feeds, etc. There’s a lot of brainstorming about this subject at Politology blog around the Moral Bankruptcy bill, and this blog’s author discusses some of the

  2. 1
    digital meter
    clamp meter
    nail clip
    bus bar,
    cable tie
    terminal block
    terminal connector
    telephone terminal
    cable accessory
    HVLP Spray Gun
    Spray Gun
    Engine Cleaning Gun
    Sand Blasting Gun
    Air Hopper Gun
    Auto Sprayer
    Painting Tank
    Tire Inflator
    Air Impact Wrench
    Air Hammer
    Air Drill
    Air Hydraulic Riveter Kit
    Air DIE Grinder Kit
    Impact Screwdriver Kit
    Air Grease Gun
    Air Impact Screwdriver
    Air D.A.Q.Sander
    Air Orbital Sander

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