US Gov’t bans reading on airplanes

An airport security guard doing the pull-aside on Socialtext CEO Ross Mayfield says that we’re now restricted to two books to carry on airplanes.
So now you can tell terrorists because they’re reading too many books? Or the government thinks that people who don’t read will be more susceptible to idiotic pseudo-security.
This needs a little bit of investigation and if true, a lot of mockery.
UPDATE: Apparently, a poorly trained security guard was confused between books of matches and books for reading.

2 thoughts on “US Gov’t bans reading on airplanes”

  1. Yeah – it’s a documented fact a book of matches is a weapon of mass destruction.
    Thank god the Transportation In-Security Agency, in conjunction with Homeland In-Security, is there to protect the innocent, vulnerable, sensitive women and children from match books.

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