Bill protects truckers from Playboy

HB 3314, up for hearing in the Texas House State Affairs committee, would require the state to filter internet access at highway rest stops.
Since last May, the Texas Department of Transportation has offered wifi access at state rest stops. There is also wifi access at some Texas state parks provided in partnership with Tengo Internet.
This bill mandates filtering at any state-provided network on public property.
This bill protects truckers at rest stops and campers in their RVs at campsites from adult content.
Sounds both wasteful and unconstitutional.

2 thoughts on “Bill protects truckers from Playboy”

  1. Wow, idealogical prejudices? Like what? Freedom of speech? If little Johnny gets a porn popup perhaps his parents should be paying a little closer attention to what little Johnny is Googling for in the first place.
    Betty Brown is misguided with this legislation. This is just another in a long line of bills introduced this session to turn the State of Texas into our ‘daddy’ because we can’t think for ourselves, or to get the government into our bedrooms.
    We’ll post on this tomorrow morning. Thanks for the heads up!

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