Feedshake – easy aggregate feeds

Feedshake lets you create a feed out of several combined feeds, filtered by a keyword.
This is an early beta. You can filter by only one keyword, with no wildcards. And it supports only RSS 2.0 feeds right now. It will be better when it supports more feed variants so you can make combined feeds out of more of the available data.
In the meantime, FeedShake works nicely with Esme Vos’ MuniWireless.com site, Glenn Fleischman’s , Broadband Reports municipal section, and Free Press broadband section. The feedshake pulls all feeds that contain the word “municipal”.

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  1. Profile – FeedShake

    Company: FeedShake
    Launched: July 21, 2005 (estimated)
    What is it?
    FeedShake is a website that creates a single RSS feed from multiple RSS feeds. You can also filter out posts that contain specified keywords, and/or filter in posts only if they c…

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