Sxore skepticism

Pesonal digital identity is on the wrong side of the network effect. It’s a chicken and egg problem. Individuals don’t pick a digital identity solution, just like they don’t pick an ignition system. It’s plumbing that’s provided by the tool vendor. There isn’t end user demand for it.
Meanwhile, social software tool vendors haven’t felt enough incentive to use a third party digital id system. The path of least resistance for a tool vendor is to implement its own internal single signin system. SixApart has TypeKey. Blogger has its own login system. Yahoo just merged Flickr’s login system.
Sxore is an attempt to stimulate end-user demand by providing a a solution to a real problem — comment spam. Sxore is a cross-application comment system with capchas, moderation, whitelist and blacklist features. The idea is that if a user signs up to comment on one blog, they’ll be able to comment on other blogs. Sxore will work with WordPress and MovableType, so someone who likes it can use on their own blog.
This would have been brilliant 18 months ago, before the major tool vendors and projects added anti-spam features. Today, end-users will tempted to follow the path of least resistance, which is to use the features that come with their tool. Perhaps one opening is open source projects interested in some Sxore features. But there’s no evidence on the Sxore site that Sxip is offering code.
The handiest — and maybe the creepiest — feature is the ability to follow comments for an individual user. Sxore creates an RSS feed for each user. Presumably you can follow comments made by that user across different blogs. So, if you think someone has good ideas about blog visualizations, you get to read what they also think about President Bush.

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