One thought on “Tim Bray recommends Vikram Seth’s latest”

  1. I don’t know if you remember this, but you introduced me to Vikram Seth in the first year we were friends. The book was The Golden Gate. You also gave me a copy of A Suitable Boy as a birthday gift. Two pieces of evidence if ever anyone wants a rational argument to explain why I value you so very much.
    I would never compare Neil Gaiman to Vikram Seth, but I must admit, sheepishly, that I quite enjoyed American Gods. I like the way he carried the conceit through the whole book. I also suspect that some of the sloppiness you found in that writing was the influence of Beat writers and people like Harlan Ellison. (He credits Ellison as an influence, specifically.)
    I think you, yourself, would be wonderful editing fiction. Your help with my non-fiction writing enabled me to avoid many a gloopy morass.

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