Antisocial software – calendars

Did some conversational noodling about why group calendar software is so bad. The trouble is, it doesn’t support the social processes that people use to schedule events.
First of all, the negotiation required to schedule a meeting. Today, this is done with the brute force method of giving the meeting-ee access to your whole calendar. All free time looks equivalently free. And, exposing one’s whole calendar is “too much information” unless one manages nuances of calendar entry types. It would be nicer to be able to do an automated version of the “pick the best option” drill — you publish some candidate times and the meeting-ee chooses from among them.
Second and worse, the affordances needed to quasi-schedule and unschedule a meeting. How do you set up a request for a casual lunch sometime that a few busy people happen to be free? How do you politely defer a meeting? Scheduling software is a clumsy, second-best replacement for the refined and obsolete skills of personal secretary or traditional wife.

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