What did you like about the seder? What did you learn?

Judith’s astonishing hand-dipped chocolate-covered strawberries. Judith keeps trying to attribute credit to the high quality of the choclate. As if the strawberries decided, on their own, to leap into a bowl of chocolate, which, on its own, decided to melt.
Hearing the four questions asked by Hannah, who is 2.5 years old, abominably mischievous, and clever.
Betsy’s question about personal expererience of Dayenu: which good things in life would we appreciate, even if they were not accompanied by other good things.
Dan observes that Haggadah has to tell you which team to root for. He notes that most of the Egyptian soldiers drowned in the Red Sea were probably conscripts.
Reading about the seder’s origins in the form of the Greco-Roman symposium, including multiple courses accompanied by wine, vegetable hors d’oevres, reclining posture, prepared questions, and counting things as a conversational gambit (Four Sons, Four Cups of Wine).
Judith quotes R. Nachman, via A Night of Questions. When you are about to leave Egypt — Any Egypt — do not stop to think: “but how will I make a living out there?” One who stops to “make provisions for the way” will never get out of egypt.
Learning the terms for male body parts in sign language, at varying levels of formality and politeness. (You had to be there).
Betsy’s skill at abbreviating with spirit.
Judith’s long and eventually successful quest for wine glasses; Dan’s long and eventually successful quest for the Passover food processor.
Cooking and schmoozing with Judith and Dan (the reason to have a good-sized kitchen with multiple countertops).
Will post if I remember more.
What about you?

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